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Spam: A pervasive aspect of the Internet

Recently, a small number of our customers noticed an influx of spam comments being submitted to their blogs. This is an unusual but unfortunately not unique situation. The uptick is reflective of the constant struggle against spammers faced by any individual or business on the Internet.

This post is designed to give you a little insight into spam and detail our latest efforts to minimize the inconvenience spammers pose to our customers.

Blog Layout Change

As part of the ongoing services FindLaw provides, we periodically review our design best practices to ensure features and layout are optimized for search relevance and visitor usability. This enables us to be proactive and to stay on top of trends in search performance and reader engagement.

Our most recent review has led us to make a slight change to the layout of your blog.

What's changing?

You may have participated in having a blogroll on your blog's side column. By participating, you provided links to other relevant sites for your readers and the opportunity for other FindLaw blogs to link to you.

Recent analysis indicates that this traditional blog element, while not harmful, is no longer providing measurable benefit to blog readers or to our customers. With search engine behavior ever-evolving -- and in light of our commitment to ensure that your blog is of maximum use to readers and potential clients -- we are removing the blogroll component from all FindLaw blogs.

What's not changing?

All your core functionality will remain intact. This is a layout change only. Your blog will remain high quality and we will continue to focus on strategic creation and promotion of your blog content. If your blog is listed on FindLaw.com, it will remain so after this change.

FindLaw remains committed to delivering high quality blog services and will continue to monitor and respond proactively to market changes to ensure your blog meets industry best practices.

Thank you once again for choosing FindLaw for your blogging needs.

Brand Awareness Make your firm known. Be where your clients are. Demonstrate your expertise. | Audience Engagement Foster conversation. Increase public votes of confidence (likes and shares). Develop trust in your community. | Targeted Traffic Drive clicks to your website. Boost targeted traffic from multiple sources. Increase search engine authourity signals.
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